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Join us in making a profound impact on the lives of girls and women in sports through the Inspire Through Sport Ambassador Program! This program represents a dynamic collaboration between passionate individuals like yourself and Inspire Through Sport, dedicated to championing inclusion, empowerment, and leadership within the sports community. As an ambassador for Inspire Through Sport, you will play a vital role in promoting our programs, initiatives, and values within your networks and communities.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Promoting Programs: Ambassadors will actively promote Inspire Through Sport programs within their networks and communities.

  • Sharing Content: Ambassadors will share curated content from Inspire Through Sport on their social media platforms to increase visibility and engagement.

  • Referring Participants: Ambassadors will encourage their contacts to sign up for Inspire Through Sport programs using their unique referral code.

  • Advocacy: Ambassadors will serve as passionate advocates for the mission and values of Inspire Through Sport, spreading awareness and encouraging participation.


Who This Can Include:

  • Past Participants: Enthusiastic individuals who have participated in our programs or events in the past and share our passion for empowering girls and women in sports.

  • Supporters and Advocates: Individuals who are passionate about promoting inclusivity and empowerment in sports and believe in our organization's values.

  • Influencers, Community Leaders, and Professional Athletes: Influencers or leaders in the sports industry, education, or related fields, including professional athletes, who can amplify our message and reach a wider audience.

  • Coaches: Coaches who share our vision for empowering girls and women in sports and can advocate for our initiatives within their networks.


Ambassador Benefits:

  • The benefits and responsibilities within the ambassador program will be tailored to each selected ambassador, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship that meets the needs and goals of all parties involved. These benefits could include Inspire Branded Merchandise, Referral Incentives, Discounts on Programs and Events, Recognition and Visibility, and Free Consultation Services. Once an ambassador is selected, a meeting will be set to discuss the terms of the partnership.


If you're interested in joining us as an ambassador and contributing to our mission, please complete our online application form. We look forward to reviewing your applications!

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