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Inspire Through Sport is proud to partner with outside organizations to deliver programs, host

workshops, speak at events, and participate in any other opportunities that align with our mission.

To us, we hope to reach as many individuals as we can to help make an impact in the world through sport.

Ontario Tennis Association
Passages Women's Mentorship Program

The Ontario Tennis Association has partnered with Inspire Through Sport to deliver the PASSAGES Women's Mentorship Program. PASSAGES is a 10-month program (March 2022 to December 2022) which will provide training, mentorship, leadership development and certification to 30 girls and women ages 15+ in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).​

PASSAGES is made possible thanks to the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), a leading grant-maker in Canada.


Jane and Finch
Community Tennis Association

Girls Coaching Training Program

Inspire Through Sport is working with the Jane and Finch Tennis Association to offer mentorship and training to female coaches.


Tennis Canada & Doug Philpott
Girls Leadership Panel

Panel discussion featuring Inspire Through Sport's Founders with Philpott's Girls Leadership Program.


Areas of discussion included; finding and creating your place in sport, being leader, and using sports to develop qualities and skills to reach your full potential.


Let's Collaborate!

At Inspire Through Sport, we have goals that drive us to work hard and make a difference each day. We aim to get more girls and women involved in sport, increase the retention rate of girls in sport, increase the number of female coaches, and provide young women with opportunities to allow them to thrive in leadership positions.

If your idea or initiative aligns with these goals and you would like Inspire Through Sport involved at any capacity, please contact us and we would be happy to connect!

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