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About Us

Inspire Through Sport is designed to provide programs, courses, resources and hands-on experience to foster inspirational leadership development.


Nikki Carnovale and Rachel Gould, co-founders of Inspire Through Sport, were fortunate to grow in an environment with incredible mentors who motivated them and instilled a belief that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Their firsthand experience of how the people you surround yourself with determines the way you move forward in life has inspired them to share this insight with those they encounter on this journey.


Since its inception in 2020, Inspire Through Sport has provided programs for over 150 girls and women across Canada. We have developed the Inspire Pathway, which is comprised of our four innovative programs. Inspire has delivered programs in several different provinces and territories across Canada in various different sports. Additionally, Inspire Through Sport has created job opportunities and valuable experiences for over 20 female coaches nationwide, while also offering volunteer opportunities for program graduates. Inspire has established collaborations with various organizations such as the Ontario Tennis Association, Jane and Finch Community Tennis Association, Sport North Federation, Squash BC, Philpott Children’s Tennis, Tennis Alberta, and more. Moving forward, Inspire Through Sport is excited about expanding and delivering the Inspire framework across all sports in Canada.

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To increase engagement of girls and women in sport across the world


To develop female leaders through sport


We value integrity, passion, inclusion, collaboration, empowerment, and appreciation


To get more girls and women involved in sport

To increase the retention rate of girls in sport

To increase the number of female coaches

To provide young women with opportunities to allow them to thrive in leadership positions

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